This photographic project is invitation for people to explore and meditate on their relationship with their inner Goddess, with the divine feminine in their unique embodiment.

All of us have complicated relationships with our bodies, with our selves– no matter how confident or body positive we are.

Collaborators are invited to choose a part of their body that they’d like to focus on for any number of reasons – as a celebration, an empowerment, or an investigation.

Many participants are choosing to capture a part of their form that they have challenging connections with – as a way to reclaim, as a way to make whole.

Photographs are all anonymous: no faces, no names.

Photographs are not the entire goal of the project – equally as important are the discussions, thoughts, and insights that arise as people explore their relationship with their bodies. Everyone is invited to share the story of that relationship as part of the ongoing discussion.

I started this project out of my journey through a difficult divorce. I’ve spent a lot of time turning within – to nurture the seeds of beauty within, and also to embrace the uncomfortable shadows, for they too deserve love and honor.

Along the way I’ve found an incredible reserves of strength and resilience, of spaciousness and creativity, of wisdom and beauty, of fierce and protective love. These deep wells are within each and every one of us. They are aspects of the Goddess that we can awaken and tap into whenever we need them.

I felt the call to share this remembrance, to invite the Goddess within to be heard and seen. When we’re connected to our own infinite Feminine power, we can do so much more to heal each other and to heal the world.

- Elizabeth