My neck.  Where the lump emerged, alerting me to the cancer that began behind my nose.  The throat – the channel through which our voices travel when we speak.

“Our immune system is directly connected to how real we are being with ourselves.” This quote (from Midlifefairygodmothers.com) sums up my belief that my lack of communication and emotional honesty in relationships and the resulting stress, anxiety and depression along with the repression of my true self compromised my immune system which allowed the cancer to express itself in my neck/throat – exactly where my enchained words need to be flowing and made manifest.

Vishudda – the Throat Chakra – the center of will, personal expression, creativity, decision-making and self-knowledge relates to how honestly we express ourselves and to taking responsibility for one’s own needs. I have been hiding my self from myself and others my entire adult life.  At 49, the Universe and my body gave me the ultimate wake-up call.  Now 9 months later there is No Evidence of Disease which I am so grateful for. However, I still have my old withholding patterns that I need to change.  I need to open my mouth and let the words flow through my previously cancerous throat into reality. I need to face and speak my truth. My life depends on it.