I have a pretty deep spiritual practice, and a lot of my community this past year have been medicine women connected to their spiritual power and doing incredible, truthful and needed work in the world. And I’m connected to many different parts of myself, but I have thought of myself less connected to the divine feminine, which has to do of my evolving sense both of my own gender and of my spirituality.

This opportunity allowed me to see a part of my body I don’t always see. The body that lives my self-image is different from the body I am in, even though I’m very happy with my body. Being able to see my body as other people see it is a form of reclamation to me – even though it’s different than I how I see myself and carry myself around in the world. Appreciating its beauty, strength, power, complexity, textures and surfaces.

I think it’s important to have balanced complementary energies. And this is a piece of a process for me to really embrace my divine femininity. Since we took the photograph, I’ve been more connected to my feminine spiritual energies, and it’s been tremendously powerful.