When I thought about the body part I’d feature, I immediately thought of my breast. Anyone who knows me and particularly what I do for women everyday as a Lactation Consultant for new mothers would agree it was the obvious choice.  I love the size and shape and visual anatomy of  my breast and I help women everyday to love their own or at least have a different relationship with them.

I shared my intent with another woman in this project who had chosen to photograph her eyes. She mentioned that not many women were choosing their bottoms and I said “Oh that’s the last body part that I would want to feature” and she replied “that’s exactly why you should choose it.”

I am a petite Pacific Islander and I am grateful not to struggle with body issues that I cannot reconcile. I always say that my issues are there, they are simply not as obvious as some. I do however have booty envy… if I believed in plastic surgery I would definitely choose the popular Brazilian lift that I’ve heard of and may have even googled once. I’m clear about most of the work I need to do in this life both physically and emotionally.  I’m clear if I got strict about leg lifts and lunges I could be closer to the Brazilian look I am after.

I am so proud of the photo we did take. A simply classic shot of the booty in motion, round and perfect. I can say that about the photo. I am proud of myself to go out of my comfort zone and hopefully inspire big and small and flat booty girls with our collaboration.

Thank you Elizabeth for saying it was beautiful and praise Goddess of age and maturity that I could simply reply “thank you” and not respond with a “but”…