Your invitation came at a time in my life when I am feeling pretty settled and confident.  My age and current state enabled me to be a little more contemplative than when I was younger, and stronger and more uplifted.

I chose to have my belly and breast photographed because they are such intimate parts of the body.  In my case they are almost always hidden – I tend not to wear low cut or belly baring clothes – they just don’t appeal to me.  And yet I am very comfortable with my body in general.  I especially like the fact that my body bears witness to my life story and to my relationships.  I have had two daughters, both of them healthy babies.  My youngest daughter was 9 1/2 pounds at birth.  I am not a big woman.  My belly has stretch marks that reach from just above the pubis to an inch or so above my navel.  My breasts also have a few stretch marks that developed while I was nursing.  I look at my body now – 52 years old – and feel grateful for its strength and generosity.

I chose to write ‘I am’ because I thought that statement sufficed.  I do not need to make any claims about what exactly I am, but simply to acknowledge my being.

I chose blue because it reminded me of woad – the colour that Boudicea, queen of the Iceni tribe painted herself in when she refused to submit and went to war with the Romans.  I don’t feel particularly war like, but I just always admired her courage and willingness to stand up for the freedom of her people.